I am new to your program and ne3ed some help please

Hi I have been trying to download the program and it keeps telling me
“0 error running command\CPF_Setup_3.0.25.378.XP_Vista_x64_.exe.\Not valid win32 application”
every time I download it and try to open it? It goes to about 5% then says its complete then I run it and the error message comes up.
Please tell me what to do in oder to get your program onto my computer. I was told to download your program not ZoneAlert but I have been sitting here for hours trying and this is getting unnerving to say the least.

Thanks :frowning: ??? :cry:

Hi. Try downloading this :slight_smile:

It seems, you are trying to install a 64 bit version of the firewall on a 32 bit OS ;D

Thank you I am going there now. Will come back in the morning when it is finished. Bed time for me.