I am might submit a ripoff report, against geekbuddy

Me and the GB tech witnessed that various things are not performing correctly. cIS included,

I could not un install java, was the reason i contacted GB via the included 30day trial. this was fixed after 16 hours, and 13 diffrent techs. most either quit, or we had connection issues as well. One named john stuck through all this and through multiple windows and gb requests, while helping me at the same time. I left that session to resume later as it seemed i was going to need a little more attention and time to solve my many issues.

I went through 5 more techs/sessions when i did resume. One tech attempted to assit me after i rebooted windows. which for some reason did not work as it should have. I did not return to that same tech as it should have happend. I’ve done this 3 times before now.

After fixing my java un-install issue…

I was told that even though this was a preview of the product, For any further assistance, specifically removeal of viruses,malware or actual trouble shooting. I would need to pay $167

I have a log of the convo, but i do not wish to put the guy out there, he was helpful. But i find this requirement fraudulent, and scamming.

I have made my feelings known in other threads, and i feel i was lied to. we do in fact have to pay to remove a virus that cis or other comodo software can’t remove.

I will refrain from submiting anything, while i await a proper response.

hi Pazsion.

was this a paid geekbuddy account?
we’ll try to help always.

thank you


See, thats the thing, during a preview of geekbuddy, we are told that we are not under a paid program… So we are not experiencing the product as a whole. And in doing this, the tech’s are extreamly limited and just as mislead as the customers. We believe we are previewing what we would be purchasing. when this is not the case. This is not a wise practice. And also maybe harmful. certain things that could be fixed are not, and then we are told to pay if we need to fix such issues, or an issue is found.

My dad’s pc was infected with the kiss virus, i have no idea if it’s gone or hideing now, he uses symantec/norton/mcaffe… now the same company, mcaffe… if i remember correctly. i’m no longer sure.

But what Michael and John and me witnessed, could be this virus and others that we haven’t detected (symantec’s and comodo’s scans always come up with no threats) Yet attempts to gain access continues.
I know that if these attacks pass the router, or are spammed… it is highly likely that something got through, be it human or computer doing it.

And could be prevented from spreading with software like GB. I’m sure the tech would be more then willing to help the customers because of this fact. Anything helpful is super kudos for any comodo product or employee or partners? It may be even more important than kudos or reputation, here we have something that has the power to protect everyone, weither u can afford to or not.

The only reason i am considering submitting such ripoffreports, is that this fashion of going about things has been done to us in the past, and those companies have turned out to be fraudulent…some installing infections, just to say “hey look we found something” Since i have been through this many times. I only wish to prevent any false reports, And help others not make the same mistakes.

until this point in time, my experience with comodo has been different and refreshing. But when i’m prompted to pay to further assist, or simply look for a virus that may have been missed by the anti-v comodo provides… seems wrong.

It was said that I have a choice, to pay or not to pay… when if i had a virus, or not. That choice was already made before we/I had the chance, or the tech could be willing to help. It was made for us.
And if we can’t pay, we are stuck with our situation, because com0do’s software at that point in time had failed, and so did everyone elses. The only thing that would fix it, wants our CC number and a subscription to before it helps anyone, even in a trial period of any sort…

I am more then willing already to give comodo the lint in my pockets, if it helps! But i currently dont even have that… take out one of my pc’s… and that chance of income becomes even smaller…and i completely understand that any means of virus protection, isnt easy to do and nothing is 100%.

It would also be installed on all my family’s and company pc’s, if i could just convince them, its safe.(er) i might have that evidence, but i suspect that since atleast one of my pc’s is on all the time, that kiss could have been spread when he turned his on…with less then even good, anti-v software… So i am particulary paranoid, and try my best to keep these pc’s secure as best i can. And why i hope comodo can do this, when others can’t. But it sounds like i may be putting all my chips in one, woven basket. :-\

You see, we made virus cleaning available for free and our systems were abused by many who used it to clean their computers and charge their customers for the cleaning and so on. It got a lot of potential users and trialers. This is why we had to stop giving free virus cleaning using GeekBuddy.



I have found that even when you give people the tools for free they still want you to fix it for them for free.

So true…even when its a human offering their services for free, i’ve been lead into things where a company got paid for something i did free… i could sue them, but that’d be ■■■■■■ thing to do too…there is more people employed by that person… and that would be really bad karma…and i’m just the geek next door. it’d be joe smoe vs big-M

I’m still waiting for my CCE e-mail btw, i came across this site claiming to be BBB certed but they arent listed and comodo is blocking the listing… “world profit” the ceo seemed to not be anything the bbb would even consider… I’m trying to contact GB right now to check over things… while watching one of the videos, my network lagged other pc’s doing stuff unrelated, so there may be things comodo missed, and i can’t get cause i can’t see them. i’ve gotten andrew afk 3 times now, and it didnt seem to be functioning right… the logs didnt pickup on the connection.