I am looking for Installation guide of Comodo internet security 7 for windows 8


Can anyone please share the complete installation guide of Comodo internet security 7 for windows 8? . I am new here so please help me out of it with some screenshot.

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See if this can help you:
Installation - Comodo Help

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I am looking for installation guide for windows 8. Is that the same?

Yes, they are valid instructions of official help guide.
Do you have questions about the installation or configuration?

One more Question is this product Free Antivirus for Windows 8 | Antivirus Free Download for Windows 8 and Comodo Internet Security Complete 2022| Best Internet Protection are the same or different? which one would you prefer for windows 8?

You must choose whether to install only the antivirus first option or the complete suite that has Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus.

For a complete experience you can use Comodo Internet Security 7 :slight_smile:

You can use the free version or the pay which has the additional services mentioned, as you can see:

The CIS software itself is identical for all customers regardless of the package type. All versions (including free) include all security features, technologies and updates. The difference between the package types lies in the availability of additional services such as GeekBuddy, TrustConnect, Online Storage and the Comodo Guarantee. Activation of additional services is carried out after the base installation has been completed.

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