I am inlove....

I must confess… I am in love with Comodo Internet Security. I would ask it to marry me but I fear rejection.

Honestly, I had been running Norton IS since the release of CIS 4.0 and as of a few weeks ago I had a rogue running that Norton didn’t detect, MBAM didnt detect, Hitman Pro didn’t detect, etc. After receiving the license for CIS Complete thanks to the give away, I installed it. As soon as I rebooted it had isolated the rogue in the sandbox and I was able to manually remove it with absolutely no troubles at all. And now my computer is running like the day I purchased it.

CIS also just detected some things the other scanners missed related to said rogue ( wow! ).

It was at that point that I knew I was in love and that my love for CIS would last until my heart collapses.



Good call. I bet it would deny your proposal, by default. ;D


Or embrace his love in its sandbox :slight_smile:

Hopefully it can clean my infectious heart and block any critical heart-breaking changes.