I am hopeless

I have tried to search Firewall posts and cannot find anything to answer my questions. I can’t even figure out how to post. In case this works, I just installed Comodo on my new laptop last night. I didn’t recognize many of the programs listed in the warnings that were coming up while I was trying to start a game that was already an option when I got the computer, so I kept saying “block”. I went in today and removed the blocks because I can now recognize most of the programs in the warnings, but I can’t get my games to play. It comes up with a message “Application has generated an exception that could not be handled”. It quotes a process ID and a thread ID and then gives you a chance to debug that then fails. Anyone have any ideas?

Here is the way to go for using games. Step one is to remove all rules for the game related application in D+ (Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy) and Firewall (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy). Step two is described in A note to gamers.

When you get alerts for programs you know and whose download sources you trust easiest is to make the programs Trusted Applications. For updaters of programs, give them the outgoing only policy. Give a browser the Browser policy, emailprogram the email policy and FTP program give it the FTP policy. For programs with more complex firewall requirements start with making them Trusted; then later on you can refine.

Thank you so much!