I am having problems with the Comodo System Cleaner

??? When I install the Comodo System Cleaner he asks me to update, I update it and he asks me to restart the PC, I restart it, but he returns to say that is not updated and asks me to repeat all I did above, over an over. Do not know what to do. Anybody can help me?

I am having the same problem.

I found that the program wouldn’t update itself…

If you’re on WinXP just use the new update (1.0.6…) to install straight over the top of your current one. (CLY)

Fixed it?

I am having the same problem to but I don’t have an older version to install over, love all the other products :BNC
but this one is a problem hope someone can help soon (:SAD)

The problem still exists in 1.0.60093.19.

I have the same problem. I think it is a bug because the site said I have the latest but the program says it has an update.

I just found this little jewel of a program yesterday (:LOV) and came here to find out why the above is happening, too. I, too, have the latest version, but get the update prompt and resultant crash that everybody else is reporting. What’s the deal? ??? Thanks!

All of these problems are resolved in the latest version 1.1 … Remember that since the old one had updating problems, you need to uninstall it and so a fresh install of the new one, not an update.


Just to make sure of something: Did everybody uninstalled any previous version and installed 1.1.63928.28 version? After doing this the problem persists?

No, i uninstalled the 1.0 version and installed the new 1.1 version. no problems, thank you. Everything is fine now. could we start working on adding the features back in?

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Happy to hear that.
Yes, in next update you’ll find a new module back… accordingly to users vote :).

BTW: Thank you for voting!

Your welcome Andrei

May I ask exactly what is being added to it?
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Not telling you yet. Sorry, but we have to release it first :).