I am disappointed: Nobody of the Comodo Team gives me an answer

Dear Comodo team,

I have been using Comodo from the very beginning.
Last week, I installed the new “Comodo Cloud Antivirus”.
I friendly asked, if I can use the “comodo firewall” with it.
There has not been given an answer from the Comodo Team.
Is the Comodo team not interested in the users security???

I am waiting for an answer.

The Comodo Forums are an end user support forum. The chances that a staff members responds are very low.

I haven’t tried but I assume when using Comodo Firewall and CCAV you need to disable Defense + in Comodo Firewall because you don’t want them to interfere. You may still get double alerts when CCAV and the cloud look up of the firewall look up a malicious file.