I am desperate. Last internet security update doesn;t allow windows to load... h

Hello and thank you in advance,

I have gone through three Comodo support technicians and none of them has managed to fix the problem. Here’s what happened. Comodo internet security wanted to download updates. After that was done I did not manage to load windows anymore. It’s stuck on a blue screen. I used to see the internet security small window (top right) but not anymore…

With the tech help I figured out that ending explorer.exe task would (somehow) load windows (not all the times) but we can’t get rid of the comodo internet security somehow…

can anyone help???

which version of windows and ı can recommed you to use previous version of comodo because they re more stable i think i use cf v10 versions that works in win8.1 latest cis cistray and program gui doesnt even work but probaly thats only me

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it however choosing a different version is not going to help me. I have win 8 by the way…

I have a blue screen, I see no windows icons and three techs could not uninstall the internet security suite. What other options do I have? Should I ask in quora? Seems like the forums are not very active here … thank you.

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

I haven’t tried yet but if I can? What do I do after that?

Hi Hekola,

Sorry for the trouble caused.

Please follow this guide which will fix the blue screen issue. Please contact us if you have any issues.
Thanks in advance.

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Dear PremJK thank you !

It has taken almost 30 mins to restart but restart it did. Trouble is that the 2nd time around took the same amount of time to restart. In the page you have suggested it talks about editing the registry which I am not comfortable doing (knowing the dangers of it) so what are my options here?

Hi Hekola,

Please follow this steps to delete the file which may cause the issue

  1. Please check if the service stopservice is running in Task Manager
  2. If yes, stop the service then using Task Manager
  3. Delete the file stopservice.exe from the locations, if present:
    C:\Windows\System32 (for 32 bit OS)
    C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 64 bit OS)
  4. Again reboot the system and verify if issue is fixed.

Thanks in advance.

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In task manager stopservice is nowhere to be found. I even clicked on “file → run new task” but it was not found…

However I have found it here: C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 64 bit OS)

If I just delete it without having found it in task manager (and if the file may be running) will I be screwing things up???

Hi Helola,

It’s ok to delete it, if you are able, and then reboot.

Let us know if this fixes your issues.



Thank you sooooo much !!!

Hi Hekola,

Thanks for confirming. Glad that issue is fixed.

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