I am Confused, Please Help

Hi I’m noob here so sorry if my question sound noob.

Which website is the real comodo website? This website is call… www.comodo.com while I found another website call… personalfirewall.comodo.com

Here on this website, there is Comodo firewall that is 32/64 bit edition at 80 mb. There is a release note that show the current version number.

while on the…personalfirewall.comodo.com there is Comodo firewall that is 32bit at 58mb and 64 bit at 60mb. But it doesn’t even show the current version number…

So which one should I get it from?

G’day and welcome to the forums,

personalfirewall.comodo.com is a sub-domain of comodo.com - think of it as a website specifically for Comodo’s firewall, whereas www.comodo.com is for all Comodo products.

The reason for the size difference between the installers is the 80MB version contains both the 32 bit and the 64 bit installers.

It is safe to download from either site.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks.

I have another question. Is the 32bit installer one on the…personalfirewall.comodo.com… an up to date version? Because It does not say on there what version number it is. It would be nice if you guys can show the release note and version number on the … personalfirewall.comodo.com for future updates.

A version number would indeed be nice, but the personalfirewall site should be serving the most current version.