I always, do you??

I now always run Firefox in Comodo sandbox, will this offer protection against exploits and other viruses that can be found online? ;D ;D ;D

Yes you should be safe! Because you running firefox in fully visualized environment.

That’s cool, I just thought with people against the BB set to fully virtualized may be web browser would also have such problems… :slight_smile:

I have added all my browsers to always run inside the sandbox. It should protect against exploits and for malware that is downloaded and executed by the browser since everything executed by the browser should start as fully virtualized.

The only real issue I’ve heard about with fully virtualized is that some programs like keyloggers can send data trough the browser without triggering an alert, at least that is what I’ve gathered from posts here, I may be wrong.

Though personally I don’t use BB set to fully virtualized, I have BB turned off and HIPS turned on. Though that is a personal preference.

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Well setting BB to fully virtualized is only up to you, I personally set the BB to Untrusted. If I want to run something that I don’t trust, I simply run directly in sandbox :slight_smile: So far CIS is the best security suite for me 8)

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!ot! Does anyone tick box Detect installers and show privilege alerts or disable it??? !ot!

If you install program often you should let that box checked.

For protection against exploits you really need to be using chrome or comodo dragon.Firefox hardly has any exploit protection at all. :a0

Yes it will. Sometimes I use my browser sandboxed sometimes not. Leave “detect installers and show privilege alerts” on.

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Really? If you use NoScript + Adblock Plus + PrivacyChoice Tracker Blocker you should be OK with Firefox as well. Also there is Bitdefender TrafficLight.

And don’t forget about - ExploitShield:


and EMET:


Chome sandbox is little overrated regarding this article"


Also see these:



Also Chrome has no master password…I know master password is not equal on encryption. However better to be there, than missing. :slight_smile:

I like Chrome and Opera, IE10 as well…and they all can be secure enough. :slight_smile:


Could someone tell me the difference between running a program virtualized in the sandbox and having BB set to fully virtualized.

These are the same. Setting the BB to FV will cause any unknown programs to be run in the FV sandbox.

Thank you, I currently have BB set to Unstrusted and I run Firefox in the sandbox.

Not quite the same. With the manual sandbox, you can also apply restrictions to the virtualized applications.

With the automatic sandbox, you either get the restrictions or virtualization. Not both.

I apologize.

I had forgotten about the ability to apply additional restrictions. HeffeD is correct.