I Already Have The Latest Version. Why Are "Updates" Still Available? [Merged]

I have just updated to Comodo Firewall 3.017.304, noticed something unusual about the live updates, there will alway be updates available, even right after updated and roboot! I suspect that the last updates was never applied!

My OS is vista HP.

Let me know if anyone is also experiencing the same thing.



If you re-boot again you will hopefully find there are no updates available, at least this worked for me.


Same problem here :-[

same thing happining to me. the updater keeps popping up saying updates available.
i click on install but it comes up again a while later saying updates available again.
also if i check for updates manually there is always one available but it must not be installing.
im thinking they have not ironed the bugs out of this version yet…

same problem here, no matter how many times i reboot.
widows vista home premium 32 bit

come on guys this is driving me nuts >:( the updater keeps saying updates available. i install them and shortly after it comes up again saying updates available. someone must know whats going on here???

by the way the problem seem to be only for vista as i just checked on my laptop running windows xp and everything is fine there…i hope we will find a solutions, ciao for now. (B)

has anyone any idea how to fix this problem? i realy dont want a firewall that wont install updates.

Can confirm, no problems with updates on XP Pro; must just be a Vista problem.

looks like it im using vista.

I should think that all you need to do (for a work around), is turn off auto-update. As most of you check the forums quite often, you can see when an update is available and then do a manual update.
I do this with every program, not just Comodo, as I am on dial-up (don’t ask, ■■■■ country living), and I don’t have the bandwidth to have a half a dozen programs updating whilst I am trying to do my banking.

problem is the updates are obviously not installing. i have tried installing them manualy and it says updates installed. but if i check again straight away it says updates available again.

Did you run the Comodo Firewall checking tool under the miscellaneous tab? Maybe it will find an error then fix it.

Manual updates work fine for me under Vista Ultimate. Did the last two CFP3 versions that way. Don’t know about automatic; don’t use them. :slight_smile:

I use automatic and it worked fine. So I don’t know why it didn’t work for them as it did for me.

If the Firewall test doesn’t detect anything broken then maybe a re-installation will be the best choice, this new version of the firewall uses a new rule system format, and because of this even with the update you will lose your previous rules. Given that, maybe a fresh install would be the best option.

Justin, in your last post, are you saying that I can anticipate every update for 3…0.17.304 will wipe out my rules? That is most disconcerting to learn. If that is the case, can I just keep a copy of my configuration/rules exported to my desktop and import them after each update and be OK? Or does doing that in effect totally negate/cancel out the updates?

Here is what Egemen said in a post

If you choose, "No", CFP will convert the old one to the new format. So the old settings will be preserved.

But overriding the old one with the new one is recommended because we have introduced some new tweaks with this version. Egemen

Go to the “Miscellaneous” section and click on the “About” tag on the lower right and see if it says you have the 3…0.17.304 version. If so there won’t be anymore updates available and you should be able to stop worrying about it. :wink: ;D

I’m running XPsp2 with all the latest updates from M$ and have CPF version 3…0.17.304, BOclean, Memory Guardian, AVG 7.5 Pro, Windows Defender, and Sunbelt CounterSpy and the only problem I’ve had for quite a while was with BOclean but even that has been resolved for now.
Maybe I’m just lucky but I’m still learning just what to do with CPF and haven’t changed any rules or added anything except to move some files into My Safe Files and so far I’ve had no problems at all with it. My PC passes all of the leak tests so I figure everything is fine, never had any problems with any infections except for a Trojan Horse that I got long before I found Comodo. ;D

(B) (R)

ok i ran the diagonistic and it reported no problems with the install
i uninstalled the firewall and reinstalled it again.
the problem is still there. the updater keeps telling me updates are available over and over.
i turned off auto update and checked manually. updates available so i clicked on install.
updates were installed so i checked again and it still says updates available. is there anything else i can try to fix this???

I have the same problem here, updating to last version . It seems that the update is OK, but there are still updates to be done.
Any solution?
Disabling updates is not a solution!
Using Vista home premium.