Hyperlink bug in forums [Confirmed]

When using the hyperlink function in a reply, CD drops the left closing url bracket. So, what should be

[url]https://forums.comodo.com/index.php[/url*] * to obfuscate hyperlink

results as


Neither Opera 10.60 nor Firefox 3.6.8 behaves this way. CD is installed at C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon (OS drive) on a XP 32 SP3 system. Adobe Flash Player, no themes or extensions in CD.

Hi, Jahn

I’m using hyperlink function in a reply to test your issue

Test link ( created using Comodo Dragon, XP SP3 x86, no extensions and themes ):

And it’s not reproduced.

Could you try to test it again please ?
Maybe you have some specific steps which can help us to reproduce this bug.


Hi Valentin, thanks for your reply.

I have done additional testing and discovered that the bracket is only dropped when using the mouse (right click > paste) to enter the designated url from the clipboard to a reply. When I use the Control + V command, the code remains intact.

The mouse, HID, and USB drivers are up to date.

A repair install of CD results with errors. Are these significant?

Also, I am running CIS 4.1.x.920 (FW Safe mode, D+ Paranoid mode, and CAV Stateful mode).

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Bug confirmed.
(it drops “[” symbol because when you do right-click Dragon selects “[” symbol, moreover if you try to right-click on a word, Dragon selects a whole world :slight_smile: . And this issue refers not only for forums, it refers for almost all WEB edit fields )
It doesn’t depend on CIS installed on your PC or any repair issues.

The same bug existed in previous verisons of Chromium browser.
So the moving to the next chromium core will solve this issue.

Thanks for your additional testing.


Thank you for confirming, and the explanation, Valentin. I haven’t run across the related issues yet but will check them out.

In the mean time, I can certainly live with Control + V until CD uses the newer Chromium core.