Hunging due to exe in network UNC path

I’ve got firefox portable on a laptop and after executing, Comodo Firewall asks for permissions and I set it to allow and remember.
All is ok so far.
When I go to the “Application control” tab and click other exes all is ok, when I click the firefox.exe that is on a UNC path comodo hungs and after a while it takes windows with it. Nothing works not even ctrl+alt+del
the exe path was:
“\ace\c$\Documents and Settings\fmarkos\Desktop\FirefoxPortable\App\firefox\firefox.exe”
(ace is the name of the laptop in the network)
When I changed this to a shared folder that I mapped as s: all is ok. eg:

If you need more info I’ve got gmail address that you can email me (if you are not a robot you can derive my email)