hundreds of svchost.exe UDP out to port 161

i am getting several hundred outbound connections from svchost.exe udp out from my to to port 161 which i am thinking is maybe my printer (wireless hp). I ended spoolsv.exe and it seemed to close the connections but this has never happened before and I have never seen it try and connect to port 161 before nor with 451 outbound connections - any ideas how to resolve? I will need to turn spools on again in order to print but I would like to clear this up first.

Just to clarify:

  1. is a router, PC or printer?
  2. is a router, PC or printer?
  3. These packets are being sent from which device and being received by which device?

UDP over port 161 is SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and is used by virtually all network devices for management and reporting. Most routers have an option of accessing their log files via SNMP and quite often provide a mechanism for allowing the log data to be sent to a syslog server running on another network device.

Yes I am behind a router. My desktop is wired into the router and then the printer is wireless and connects wireless router, I also have a laptop, and ipad and then the game systems that all use my wireless network but none of them have been turned on - im not sure if that matters.

in active connection on the firewall tab it will show hundreds of connections from svchost.exe that are all

Udp out - Source: Destination: [161]

If it’s spawns from svchost to the printer it’s a vendor ‘Service’ that is probably started automatically with the computer trying to poll the status of the printer/ink status etc.
161 udp is SNMP and Simple Network Management Protocol to get statistics from the printer.

You can check the services by typing going to Start, run and type services.msc and press [ENTER] there is probably a service from your printer vendor there.

As Ronny suggests, this appears to be the PC polling the printer for status information. Unfortunately, HP printers are known to be quite ‘noisy’ with regard to network traffic. I’m not really sure there’s a ‘fix’ for this, One suggestion I remember seeing, is to replace the HP drivers with the generic Microsoft drivers, doing this, however, will mean the loss of the HP solution centre and possibly some other functionality. Alternatively, you could try searching the HP support forums for a solution.

If the numbers raise high it might also be possible that the SNMP daemon on the printer has died, and the PC service continuously tries to reach it.
Can you power-off the printer and restart it after a few minutes see if that drops the number of connections?