Hundreds of blocked inbound policy violations (about 15 a second) help

This is crazy, the firewall is blocking about 15 things a second!! What is goign on. I have everything set to custom and not changed anything within the firewall!!

mixture of UDP incoming, TCP incoming and ICMP (all rated medium) with a couple of high rated things thrown in here and there.

can someone help me out please asap as to what is going on!!

just installed this firewall as well so not clued up on how to use it!

I should say I’m running sopcast at the moment which might be casuing it!

logged in as administrator.

connection is a password protected BB with wireless capability

also running McAfee OAS as my anti virus and anti spyware

My guess is that it’s probably Windows and/or router traffic, maybe ports 137, 138, 445…? Without seeing the logs, that’s just a wild guess…


I know I’m always on here but I have lots of inbound connections its crazy, I dont have a router and I’m losing my mind

Can you/will you export a section of the logs for us to look at?

Open Activity/Logs. Right-click an entry and select Export to HTML. Save the file and reopen it. Then Highlight a section (maybe a half-dozen entries), right-click and Copy. Paste that into your post here. You can then edit/mask your external IP address (will match the IP showing in the lower-right corner of your posts) for privacy, if it shows in the logs (if you care to do so).


Having trouble getting the info up I will try again tomorrow, but every entry in the log is inbound policy violation this can’t be right.

I think Comodo is excellent but these problems are making me doubt my decision

The logs are the key; once we see those, we’ll have a better idea what’s going on.


Here is some log, please help

[attachment deleted by admin]

Is that Source IP address always the same ( Is your connection via Cable?

If so, this may be related to your internet connection in some way.

If you go to Start/Run, type in “cmd” (no quotes). This will bring up a DOS window. At the prompt, type “ipconfig /all” (again, no quotes). This gives information regarding your default gateway, DHCP & DNS servers, and so on.

See if that IP address matches up…