Hundred of those in the logs

Today i see hundreds of those blocks to Windows Operating System, maybe thousands. Any ideas what it means ?

Blocked of cource, targeting my pc.


It means whatever resource your computer is attempting to get is not reachable. See wikipedia for more info on this type of error messages Internet Control Message Protocol - Wikipedia

You can add a global rule to allow all incoming ICMPv4 messages to get ride of the blocked intrusions log spam.

Thanks. Maybe i didn’t phrase well my question. I know what it actually mean “incoming ICMPv4”.

I never had those errors before, they started 1-2 days ago, MAYBE after the last Windows update ?

Also what is Windows Operating System ? What generic name is that, never saw that before. So, something new happened or changed.

The Windows TCP/IP networking stack handles all network packets in the kernel and is labeled by comodo as Windows Operating System. When you see blocked events with inbound to WOS that means cfw blocked the packet from reaching the kernel a.k.a. WOS to be processed by the OS. Now for your case you could be getting these ICMP packets for any reason. Do you use any P2P application? I have seen these types of messages when I’m downloading a torrent and a peer goes offline during data transfer.

Yes i do use p2p from time to time. I will keep an eye open and see how it goes.

Thanks for your time, i thought i was under some attack or something.