humble wish

so, i finally moved to v6. and i like it. there is still a lot of work must be done, but hey, HUGE THANKS!

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I noticed that there were 6,000+ intrusions blocked. The new interface is very good. I agree that it can be a little better.

I may be daft but what is your humble wish? ???
Some clarity would be good. ???

You got to be logged in to observe a screenshot attached to message, so my wish is on this picture.

Sorry but I don’t understand either and I’ve looked at your picture several times. Some explanation would be welcome.

Is your wish to be able to rearrange components on the Advanced View? Exclude AV from it…?

My only wish is clean, intuitive interface for CIS. That’s it.

It looks similar to the new advanced interface for version 6.2. Specifically what do you not like about the new interface?

it is the same interface, but without imo meaningless element like “Game mode” button at wrong place and with “Tasks” button moved to imo the right place. I hope it isn’t very hard - to modify a GUI layout as you got tools, but i’m sure that those improvements got to be applied, because it is good for the end user. Would You think about it?

I know, we here got this software for free, but is this is an impudence to wish something, that may make life easier for thousands other users? Hope it is not.