huh? Where did he go?

All of a sudden all of m00nbl00d’s posts seem to be gone, and not only that he seems to be gone. I’m rather intrigued. But I gotta ask, was this by choice on his part or was it forced? Or is he still here hiding around in the shadows?

I think he deleted everything and left.


I can confirm that m00nbl00d did indeed delete his own topics (which also deleted all the replies). Not, sure about his replies in topics that he didn’t start.

As he said in his last post (something like that):

I'm leaving then

I thought he was bluffing, but it seems he didn’t. Nobody forced him, I checked the mods boards and actions, there is also no banning or so. This is his decision.

He was a fine member with great thoughts, but sometimes didn’t really know how to bring them to others, which mostly resulted into flaming.

well, sad to see someone going…

btw: what’s with the topic title ;D 88), I was like: what’s this going to be :wink:

Well, perhaps it is a good thing. Mind you, I’m sure his intentions were quite good in the most part for trying to make Comodo better, maybe we should all take a lesson from him (in portion), be vocal about what you believe, but with that said make sure that you are able to accept peoples criticisms or opinions even if they differ vastly from your own personal views.

Edit: I couldn’t think of a better topic title. So sue me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, it’s alright.

I didn’t even notice that he deleted everything, so sue me to :slight_smile:


Your Admins should deny the “delete” thread permission to normal members :-\

How did he delete his posts? I don’t have permission to delete anything. Not even when there haven’t been any replies.

I’m not sure, but perhaps he has the power when being in a security group ?


m00nbl00d was in the usability study group…?

Sad to see him gone… =/

It’s taken me bloody ages to try and find the thread that I wrote in yesterday , only to find that it has vanished.
any idea, why it was deleted-?

i’m curious, is it bad ?
but if someone can answer about the problem with this user m00nbl00d,
he did something bad or told something bad ? what’s the story ? or is it classified top secret ? :slight_smile:

to reply about the delete of things people can write, sometimes it can be usefull, I think about my case, i was very angry with the boss of online armor and posted some virulent topic about my story then after sometimes i felt stupid to be that angry and wrote this topic so i decided to delete it cause it was useless, was better to have another reaction from my side but at this moment i was so angry that i let my bad side talked for me. :wink:
and it’s not productive for the forum to write this kind of topic to resolve my frustration cause it has no place in the comodo forum full of kind people, and after sometimes seeing this topic, one day i said to myself “hey man, u dont care so delete this topic and write some explanation about why u did it”.

but it was some particulary case, except this time i created some angry topic about my story that none cares about, i think it’s better not to delete topics if other people reply into,
for me no one replied in my topic cause there was no need to, if someone replied or talked about i wouldnt delete it cause i must respect what people are writing and got no right to delete what they say, even if i’m the topic creator and i can delete my topic.

I guess you’re refering to this thread: “Say what you think! [COMODO to keep COMODO Memory Firewall and BOClean]” ?

The very last thing m00nbl00d wrote was

Anyway, enough with this off-topic, but when I first started it, was to show that, in the way I see it, COMODO is going in an unwanted direction.

No hint that he wanted to delete the thread… as far as I’ve seen.

He actually deleted a thread (unless I’m wrong!) which involved many users and many comments. I’m not 100% OK with that, even though m00nbl00d was the topic starter. I shall discuss this with the other moderators. This hasn’t happened to me during my 2+ years as a moderator here, it’s all new to me, so I don’t know what’ll be the outcome.

agree 100%, u cant delete a topic if people reply into,
and if anyone would do the same ? where would we go so ?

As near as I can tell, he/she just got frustrated that Comodo wasn’t fixing bugs that he/she reported.

ok thank u HeffeD for the explanations,
but as it seems this user deleted all his topics, i think i’ll find no trace about bugs he wanted to be fixed, isnt it ?

Too bad he is gone. I like how he tried to make us think about certain changes…

It seems that a user with special privledges should only be able to delete his or her own posts, and not other peoples posts (regardless of who started the thread and who replied to who)…an exception would be the highest level administrators/mods who should be able to edit everything.
I know of one other user who left this forum because of some rather rude responses, but he did not delete any of his posts. I am not sure that moonblood knew that he would be deleting other people’s posts, but I am rather upset that posts from other users were deleted. I looked through my profile, and all my posts still seem to be in the “show posts” list. So, we may not be able to recover the threads that were deleted, but you may be able to recover your own posts. For posts that made an important point, you may be able to “cut” it from your profile “show posts” list, and paste it into a new thread.

Too bad that he is gone :frowning:

Greetz, Red.

yep. why ppl always leave? :-\