HUGE request for Comodo creators(regarding testing Comodo's HIPS)...

Hello. Comodos!

I have 1 question and 1 request!

1.Does Comodo have process firewall?
From wikipedia:
“I’ve heard HIPS apps referred to as “process firewalls.” How is HIPS different than my personal firewall? Can it replace my current firewall?”

Personal firewalls commonly in use such as Zone Alarm, Kerio firewall are network firewalls. They only alert when a process tries to create network connections , this is of course only a subset of all processes that run on your system. A process firewall, alerts you whenever any process at all tries to start. You can then choose to allow it to run once, run every time (hence putting it on the white list of approved processes), block it once, block it every time (blacklist it)."

That’s ZA’s and Kerio’s weakness-how does Comodo’s HIPS handle this???

2.Huge request for Comodo creators-I asked this already one before-but I’ll ask again!

Could you please send e-mail to regarding testing Comodo’s HIPS?

This guy named Nicola has tested Dynamic Security Agent’s HIPS in about 80 tests:

Honestly, I tried to send e-mail several times to test Comodo’s HIPS,but it seems to me that he ignored me and deleted my post (since I was unknown sender,and most likely his gmail adressed me as spam/junk e-mail), so I ask for the favor Comodo’s techies/creators-could you please send him an e-mail and ask him if he would test Comodo’s HIPS in all 80 tests like he did with Dynamic Security Agent?


ZA does have an OS firewall (don’t know about Kerio, never used it). But nevertheless, i’d also like to see the test results, since these tests are pretty close to “in-the-wild” - no leaktests, real malware instead.

Process Firewall or OS Firewall are all about HIPS kind of products where low level hooks protecting the kernel.

V3 is the king of that!


well we already know that and i already tested CFP with some malware - no comments needed. But still, i don’t have so much malware, while that guy had tested Dynamic Security Agent with different types of malware like trojans, pinches and other stuff. So it would be pretty interesting to know what REAL protection CFP offers. If it beats every single test - you can refer to the test results page, if it dos not - then you know what to improve! :-))) everybody will benefit from this testing - that guy will see that CFP is awesome and tell everybody that it simply rocks))))))

sure… go ahead and ask him to test…
we don’t solicit different people individually to test our products. By all means anyone can test it.