Huge Problem. I need to UNINSTAL, but cannot get support cos I can't Register!

COMODO free Antivirus.

I had a truly disastrous installation, and was unable to to Register, Unable to use any Antivirus, and then could find no way to un-install.

Since I couldn’t Register, my attempts to contact support by email or ticket were unsuccessful.

SO how do I uninstall safely, please.

The only Comodo thing I can access on my PC is the location:

C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Antivirus

This is where all the Comodo Antivirus files are located, BUT I dare not touch any of them (without expert advice) for fear of doing irreparable damage.

PLEASE HELP urgently !


Welcome to the forum, imp.

Can you access Start menu > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs > Then uninstall CAVS from there?

If you have version 1.1. you should follow this thread.

Or this one; Comodo has provided an uninstallation tool for CAVS 1.1,6152.0.html


That was the first one I linked, but I thought I’d give you credit, so I changed it to yours :P.

Tnx for the “props” (:KWL)