Huge issue with the AV!!

So, here it is.I have decide to try to install just the firewall(with D+ ) from CIS, but without the AV.I have installed Ikarus Virus Utilities on my PC right now.I want to ask, why, after the installation is complete,it asks me to scan my PC for malware, if i have not installed the AV?!?And here is the interesting part.I said yes and… BSOD was the result.I believe it’s mistake.Fix it.I don’t want to try again to be sure of what i’m saying, but there’s no logic in this question during the install of FW only.

CIS does run a scan to make sure your system is clean even if you don’t install the AV. This is the intended operation.

Why it gave you a BSOD I couldn’t say. We would need more information before we could even hazard a guess.

Do you still have the minidump of this BSOD in \Windows\Minidump ?

No.I did a system restore.

You did a system restore because of a BSOD?

Anyway, the minidump should still be there. A system restore isn’t all inclusive.

No, I did sytem restore,because of other thing.And the minidump isn’t there.

To be able to tell more about what is happening we would need the BSOD and the minidump. But when you don’t want to try again I think we are stuck.