Huge Complain and some feedback.

First of all… I love your firewall. It is simply the best. I have it installed on my desktop. Good job on it.

I have been using my laptop a lot more recently and decided to give it a good clean up + security. Got myself MBAM and downloaded COMODO FIREWALL (free download).

After the download and extraction were complete… I opened the installer. I went with the default install. Just as I clicked continue/next, I noticed there was a “Customize Installation” link… Didn’t click it thinking as I didn’t need it. I was so wrong >:( >:( >:(

I did NOT want to install Comodo Dragon or GeekBuddy. I downloaded Comodo Firewall as that was the ONLY thing I wanted to install. I feel cheated out of my time. I know it’s probably only around 10 extra minutes wasted but still, it’s not right. Again, I only wanted the Firewall and got two other programs. It feels like I downloaded adware/malware. I know the option to remove these two from installation was probably in the “Customize Install” link but I didn’t think I would need it because this is a SECURITY COMPANY… Just right now, this in/out box scrolled up on the upper corner of my screen telling me to join them on facebook… I wanted a great firewall, which it is, but I feel it is being clouded by too much ■■■■.

I’m angered. Extra programs should NOT be sneaked into the installation with no mention of them whatsoever… I shouldn’t be careful about what I download from a security company. I shouldn’t have to check what the installer is installing.

Disappoint. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

It has been suggested to make the customise button bigger. CIS is not the first to have a customise button. Adobe Reader and Java preceded it.


I can see why you are annoyed! I only spotted the customise button by accident and decided to have a look to see what that was all about. Usually it’s a case of pressing NEXT and AGREE without going through the pages of terms and conditions for most of us.
Maybe those features need to be in a clear box that stops and lets you tick/untick before going any further with the installation. I’m a new user and didn’t go for GeekBuddy but have Dragon on the desktop so might have a look at what it is.
The firewall on my laptop is far better than Zone Alarm, it doesn’t slow anything down and it’s a few years old now. 3.2GHz with XP and 1.25GB RAM and 512K video card!!! I’m also using AVAST. One thing I did notice is that COMODO works well with other security software, it even unticked it’s own option for the sandbox as my AVAST has this enabled.

Whatever you do, remove all heavy objects from within reach and never hit the laptop!!! ;D