hi I just bought a new phone and went to install the nokia software disc and instantly got a warning about a virus that was quarantined, D;fscommand\ovi.install\ovi.exe. Commodo said it couldn’t remove all the malware.

I then went to the nokia site and tried to download Nokia Music and got another virus warnig this time the Huer Susicious @ 84915347.

Is this a Nokia problem or is it Commodo not playing nicely with others?? Really need some help or else i have a phone that i cant use.

Can you please post what the first file was detected as.

Antivirus / View antivirus events.

Thank you

HI this is the error i get when i try to download the file from Nokia

The error i get when i try to install the software from the disc is D:\fscommand\ovi.install.ovi.exe Heur Packed Unknown

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If you can locate the files you can submit them as false positives here:

They are almost certainly false positives. Mistakes like this are generally fixed within a few hours.

Hi joj69,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 3302.

Thanks and Regards,