- Invalid SSL [RESOLVED]


If you go to, in Firefox, it’ll tell you that the SSL certificate is made for ‘’, and then you’ll get the 404 error.
In Internet Explorer 7 you’ll get a warning message, saying that the certificate is made for another website, that it might be a scam, and someone might possible try to obtain the data that you send.
It says you’re recommended to close down the website.
If you proceeed to the page, it’ll display a red background for the adress bar, and to the right it’ll say ‘Certificate error’.
Ok, now most people use the non-SLL version, but some people uses https, so it’d be nice if you could fix this.
We don’t want some people to think Comodo is something bad.


Hi Ragwing,

We don’t have a certificate for, that is correct. The cert you are seeing is for our main payment and processing system at
We don’t have a certificate there simply because it is not in any way required - no confidential or sensitive information is taken or passes through the website. We do not link to anywhere, and so no-one should be browsing there.
Also, using a certificate will require use of an additional IP address we have (and not to mention the countless others we’d need to put certificates on all the sites we have that don’t need SSL), and as IPv4 space is becoming exhausted it seems sensible not to waste the addresses.


Thanks for you answer Nick,

Yeah, sounds like a waste to me too.

I’m aware there’s no link there, I just wrote https by mistake, which lead me to my question.

I feel I’ve got my question answered, so I’ll close it and mark it as resovled.