Hello to all in forum im a member in this forum and i never had nothing bad to say about in , in fact i love being here and i intend to stay here , recently i registered in comodo msp at because i´m using comodo one msp and i need to share , improve my skills at this forum , unfortunately by unknown reasons ( i think my ip is blocked) i cant login anymore i even created a second acount that was blocked almost instantly after i login about two times , i emailed the forum moderator three times but no response , what i´m asking here is if someone knows how to help me resolving this issue i would be very grateful , thank you all ![/img]


In order to report any issues, including login problems, for , please use the following web form:

Hello Mr Dylan thank you for your answer on my problem login in to i just wanted to thank you and tell you that i have sent the message trough the page that you have provided to me, i also wanted to tell you that i had already used this page to contact forum webmaster but i didn`t have any replie untill now, anyway i have tried again in the page that you gave me , witch i think its the same as before , i hoppe they will say something, thank you again have a good day!

Hello @mailmen,

Please try to log in on again. If you are still not able to log in please let us know the Username you are using.

Hello and thank you very much , i have solved this by creating a new account , this time i have been login in and out with no problems , at least for now, if i encountered any more problems i will contact you! thank you very much for your time and patience have a nice day!