HTTPS Everywhere bypassing Comodo Firewall Web Filtering


I find the web filtering functionality of Comodo Firewall to be an excellent replacement to adblocker plugins for browsers. After importing hpHosts’ Ad and Trackers hosts file (the best blocklist I found for the purpose), it has been working wonderfully at blocking ads/trackers and lowering bandwidth/memory use without slowing down browsing nor breaking any websites.

Unfortunately, I just discovered that the firewall isn’t filtering websites using the HTTPS protocol. Ads will still show up in HTTPS websites (Amazon, for example). And the HTTPS Everywhere plugin for Firefox somehow makes the browser bypass the firewall settings, letting ads pass through even on some HTTP websites. Had to deactivate the plugin to see the effects of the firewall web filtering on Firefox.

I tested the web filtering capability of the firewall with three distinct web browsers (Qupzilla, K-Meleon and Firefox) to make sure that this isn’t a browser specific issue.

What can be done to enable HTTPS website filtering on the Comodo Firewall?
Or is this an intrinsic limitation of the firewall?

This isn’t much of a problem with Firefox (thanks to the built-in tracking protection which works great), but it is for the other browsers that lack a similar functionality.

Any help or clarification is appreciated.

EDIT: By the way, I’m using Comodo Firewall (I believe this is the latest version?) and Comodo Secure DNS servers. Windows Vista. 1 GB Ram desktop system.

Looked around and it seems that this HTTPS issue has been touched. Apparently, it’s a real limitation of the firewall. Too bad…


I have verified that the web filter blocks HTTPS domains. But it seems unable to filter the contents of those websites as far as I can see.

Do I have to open a new bug report or can I just reply on one of the above threads to reactivate them (preferable since the core issue/limitation isn’t solved at all)?