HTTPS and slow loading of webpages

I installed latest comodo dragon, but som webpages show the HTTPS connection orange with an warning icon on them.

But when i run same pages with iron browser for example, the HTTPS are green and says i have full encryption

And also when i start comodo dragon it takes a long time before startpage loads up, and many other pages load slow compared to iron browser.

Does anyone know why?

I love comodo products, but dragon is too slow and dont show full HTTPS support on some sites

You see that warning when a DV-certificate is used. That is a feature only Dragon has.
Help: SSL Certificates and Secure Connections

So JoWa your basically saying you don’t need to run HTTPS on Comodo Dragon since it has the the SSL/HTTPS encryption already build into it.

I have the HTTPS extension so that may not be needed since I’m using Dragon

And when I go to pages that are already https already I’m OK.

plus if they are not HTTPS and just HTTP I’m still protected since I’m using Dragon. ?

Plus I use as a search engine as well.


Edit: by me: Added some extra info.

No, what I am saying is that only Dragon clearly distinguishes between DV- and OV-certificates. Most browsers only distinguish between DV/OV- and EV-certificates.

DV, OV and EV are different degrees of validation of the site owner and/or the domain. In the case of a DV-certificate, the site owner has not been validated at all, and can not be verified by the site visitor (by checking the certificate).

I do understand what you mean now, and I’m sorry I walked down the wrong path, by talking about something different.

Thanks for the anser :a0