https and Comodo Forum website

I have been trying out Comodo Dragon and wondered if this problem is known and being addressed in the next version.

When I log into the Comodo Forum with IE8 most pages in the address bar show https, but when using Comodo Dragon it does not ??

Oh when logging into the main Comodo website it does not show https in the address bar with either browser.

Always thought it was unusual that those logging into the Forum were more secure than those logging into the main website to download files ?? This was with IE8.

Oh when using Comodo Dragon and logging into the Qnext Mobile WEB Application from the Qnext Home Page I get a large warning about https missing. The same warning as The Doctor Web Affiliate message from Sept 23rd !


On the page of there is a connection to insecure sites(facebk,twier…)
located in the lower right corner of the page and that is why is not secure
while in https mode.
Before comodo introduced the insecure sytes connections the https was allways green and secure.

:smiley: Why even facebook secured page is thought of as insecure webpage by Comodo Dragon, while green and secure reported by Firefox, G.Chrome, IE?
not only facebook but some https pages normally green by Firefox, G.Chrome, and IE.
This is kind of intimidating me.
After all, I think Comodo Dragon is just another browser based on Chrome, which I literally like, in remembrance of Flock (based on Chrome too) browser that is gonna reach an end.