Hello everybody I have been apart of this website’s forum for a little over a month now. I have to say that this website is great. is a website that provides you with screen shots of a lot of rogues, removal/prevention methods of those rogues and also you have the ability to send those rogues(and other suspicious malware) to 40 anti-malware vendors so they can analyze it.(See This site originally had the actually had the rogues available for download on the website(it was password protected) but due to the Web of Trust situation( see ) the owner decided remove the rogues and only provide screen shots of the rogues. Now the only way you would have access to download any type of malware you have to go over to our forum and actually contribute to the community to be promoted to a “Malware Tester” or a “Trusted Helper”( These are the similar methods you all use at another forum). The website now has very good reputation on W.O.T. (see ). So I strongly encourage everybody to at least check out the website and possibly join the forums( to help our community grow.)

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Anyone? :slight_smile:

Hello again…
I know the site is legit.

I got a question (for comodo)

As Avira has blocked

Will Comodo’s DNS service also block it?


Yes I would like to know this too.

Also I think this topic needs to be moved?

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The admin has decided to shutdown the Forums

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Since it no longer running or functioning. :slight_smile:

Let’s lock this “Topic” :-TU

Topic Locked…

The main website at is still available for users who want to know more about rogue software (including how to avoid it and remove it); however, its forums have been shut down (see this notice).

Other places to find information on rogue software (including prevention and removal):

[ol]- Wikipedia