HTML emails not fully loading

I get several commercial html emails from various retail outlets such as Borders and DAZ Productions. With Comodo, in spite of the fact that I DO have OE configured to allow images, they do not download well; I’ll get maybe one or two images in OE but the rest will not come through. Any tricks to getting Comodo to let the full email download? I already have permissions for OE set to as liberal as I can find in Comodo - I’m on broadband and this is getting frustrating. I had no problems when I was using ZoneAlarm; I’m all but ready to ditch Comodo and renew my ZA subscription.


I’d be suprised if it were Comodo blocking the images. Which AV do you use?

Make sure you allow OE to make outgoing TCP connections. The images are usually on servers and should be accessed by HTTP protocol. Usually, the destination port should be 80 (default for HTTP), but some servers may choose a different port.

If you are confused, just delete all OE rules from the Application Monitor (just the Block rules will be enough to be deleted) and let CPF create them again. When you open an email with remote images, CPF will warn you that OE is attempting to make a connection to a certain IP (OE wants to download the images and that’s why it’s connecting to that IP address).

If you have some security software (Antivirus, Antispam, Proxy, VPN …), the CPF notification may alert that this security program is attempting to connect to the Internet and not OE as that software will download the images first and then hand it over to OE.

You can check you the log file from the activity tab to see which application CPF denied and thus didn’t allow the images to download.

I hope this helps…