Html editor shutting down after 2mins

Hi all I running 32bit xp professional and I’ve just downloaded the latest version CAVS. I really like it. However the only problem I have come across, and is kind of a deal breaker to me, is when I load up my HTML editor, coffeecup, it gives me about 2mins of use before the program just shuts down. I’ve been using CAVS for around 5 hours and coffeecup was working fine 10 mins before the CAVS download.

I’ve re-installed coffee cup again and it was working for about an hour I turned my computer off and have just booted it back up and coffeecup is now shutting down again. As I’ve had this software for a while and the problem has only arisen after downloading CAVS I have to assume it’s CAVS does any one have an idea how I can move it on the “good program list” of what ever it’s called or another solution.

I cant find the “good program list” in the software,
I’ve gone through the troubleshooter and cant find the solution,
I’ve looked through previous posts and cant see a similar post, if it’s obvious and I have missed it I’m sorry.

Any help would be great otherwise I would have to look for something else