Hi everyone (:WAV),

I’m new here and installed comodo firewall a couple of days ago (great program btw).

Anyway, I was cropping some images for a friend of mine using HP digital imaging and the firewall alerted me saying C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqgalry.exe has tried to use C:\Windows\explorer.exe through OLE Automation. The destination IP is port 80.

Right now I have it blocked but I can’t access the internet, so I’m using another computer to type this. Does anyone know what hpqgalry.exe is doing and what site it’s trying to access?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forums! What that means is that “C:\Windows\explorer.exe through OLE Automation” doesn’t have the capability to access the server on it’s own so it uses the OLE automation which it modifies IE per se to access the internet to communicate with the server for updates or checks, etc…In my opinion it is safe to allow it. There is a slider in advanced settings that can change the alert settings for minor issues as this so you won’t be notified. You are correct to watch though. I don’t know if Comodo has this issue in for fix or not in the next build , when denying an OLE you can’t access the internet. You will be able to though once you allow it. Hope this helps.