HPGuru HOST File blocking Comodo Activations

Hi Folks,

I got one of the activation errors -2146697211, turns out that HPGuru’s HOST file (as of Friday) is blocking some of the Comodo addresses, so activating fails. Thought I’ve give a heads up to anyone using a HOST file, to make sure Comodo is not on the no-no list. Hopefully this will help someone and for once I didn’t need help ;D
Thanks Comodo for making the firewall. (L)



Thanks for posting this, it will be useful for helping others with the problem. :wink:

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Can someone pls get in touch with these HPGuru guys and ask them to correct their db and remove comodo entry pls.


Hi Melih,

Sorry I can’t help more on the HPGURU problem, I don’t use it. I use MVPS, but forgot to set the auto-update in Hostman to retrieve it and ended up with HPGURU’s instead.

I hope the tip I posted helped some people with their problems.
I checked out HPGURU’s forums and they’ve had Comodo Group in the HOSTS file since as far back as October 2005 -hope this link is alright to post here- http://www.hosts-file.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=232&highlight=comodo , as you can see this question was never answered.


I’ve got an accont pending with them and will raise it as soon as I can log in.

ewen :slight_smile:

thanks Ewen