HP wireless printer connections

I searched but could not find a solution to this problem, sorry if it has been discussed already,installed HP officejet 6000 wireless printer, running Comodo internet security.

when wireless is enabled on printer, firewall shows 250 - 300 UDP connections between the computer and the printer!

can anyone shed some light on this behavior?

If I shut down the wireless connection on the printer all of the UDP outgoing connections go away,

This this.


A lot of network attached devices use fragmented packets.

Let us know if this helps.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen,

A little more information, I was in a hurry this morning :-[

I have my network set up using 2 computers running Win7 with a wireless 2Wire modem/router with AT&T U-Verse.
I don’t have any problem printing from either computer, I’m just wondering why there are so many UDP connections showing up, as I type this I have no less than 250 connections from My desktop computer to the wireless printers IP address.
If I turn off the wireless signal at the printer My outgoing connections drop down to 4-5.

So I’m just confused as to what all those connections are for?? (even when ther are no print jobs in the queue)

Thanks for Your help… :-TU


It’s because the printer is broadcasting it’s status. That’s how your PC knows if the printer is idle or not when you look at it’s properties.

Ewen :slight_smile:


Thanks for Your response, now I feel a little better about My new printer ;D :-TU