HP TouchSmart


I am a new user of CTM. I have downloaded software today and try to instal it on a brand new HP TouchSmart all in one PC. But sadly when PC restart and CTM installation was over I can’t boot anymore to Windows. There was a error like the bootmgr is messed up. I have no other option and I must to install system again.
Can somebody help me with this problem.
I have another question. Because on my home PC I use RollBack RX I have notice that those two software are very same. Is CTM same software with different name or ?? What is the difference between RollBack and CTM.

I hope somebody can answer those question !
Thank you in advance
Regards to all,


Can you see the CTM boot screen? if yes, your can press Home button and uninstall CTM. maybe you does not need to reinstall your system. and we are investigating this error.



NO I haven’t seen boot screen from CTM. I have only receive boot error. I thing there is a problem with boot because HP SmartTouch All in one PC has a small partition with recovery software on it. That mean when I boot HP TouchSmart first screen is HP Logo with key F11 if for example if I want to recover my PC.
I use CTM also at home on my Notebook Acer Aspire and everything is OK. But I have reformatted my notebook so that no recovery partition is on it. This HP SmartTouch is my company PC for the people which working in production to print labels, make work lists, and so on and I really like to install CTM. If something happened I have possibility to go back.
What is with my second question about differences between RollBack RH and CTM. Of coars the bigest and most important difference is CTM is free and RollBack RX we must pay.

Thank you in advance
Slavko from SLovenia