HP smartmedia dvd will not run after installing comodo cis

How do I allow HP Smartmedia dvd (blu-ray) to play when comodo cis is installed. I am running window 7 home premiam. It works before I install comodo and it works after i uninstall it.


Can you show a screenshot of the Defense + logs of around the time it happens? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.

As soon as I can get CIS reloaded I will, should be sometime today


Lee A.

There are no events shown in defense+ events, there is no defense+ alerts

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In what configuration are you running CIS?

On a side note. Can you run Diagnostics (under Miscellaneous) to see if CIS is properly installed?(Having nothing in D+ events is a bit odd).

please define configuration - defence+ is in safe mode, I am running window 7 home preimium 64bit. I am running the 64 bit version of cis. I have disabled defence+ buy the slider bar and still have the same problem. I hope we can resolve this because I perfer to use this package.


I forgot - Diagnostics were clean.

What configuration you are using can be found under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations → see configuration is active. Sorry for not mentioning this.

Please make sure the installer of CIS states it is the x64 version. The reason I am asking is that there was a problem with the download page in which users would get the 32 bit version when asking the 64 bits version.

Is HP Smartmedia dvd (blu-ray) a DVD you want to play or a media player program?

To totally disable D+ you need to go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + settings → untick “Deactivate the Defense +permanently (requires restart)” → Ok → reboot. Does the same thing happen after deactivating D+?

It is a dvd player (blu-ray compatable) from HP but I think it uses part of MS media player but I do not know for sure, for playing dvd’s on the laptop. I do not have time right now to check the rest out, will do that this evening.

Thanks for our help so far

Lee A.

Keep us posted. :-TU

I installed the 64bit version of cis. I am using the Internet security config. for cis. when I load a dvd into the drive, the program tries to start but then ends. I can manualy start the program and it see’s the dvd tries to play it but fails. could there be a problem with the memory firewall?


Lee A.

You can try adding Windows Media player to the exceptions of the memory firewall.

When that doesn’t help please post a screenshot of your Defense + logs. They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts.

i am using internet security configuration. here are the logs again nothing new. when I try to add the programs it states they are already listed. the software companies are listed as trusted.

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Can you disable D+ as I described here:

Does the same thing happen or does it solve it?

correct - that did not fix the problem.

Summarizing. Uninstalling CIS fixes it. Disable D+ doesn’t. I think we found a bug and I will move the topic to the bug boards for the devs to pick up on it.

After seeing this forum - this is the same issue as the one with powerDVD as Cyberlink is the author of HP smartmedia DVd. i will try the suggestion at the end of the post - from EricJH and see if that will fix the problem. If not I will have to stop using Comodo and find something else that will work.

Lee A

Do you mean adding adding the executable of Power DVD to the exclusion of of the buffer overflow protection (Defense + → Advanced → Image Execution Control Settings → General → Exclusions)?

yes, that is what I mean. Unless you know of another way to-do it. or you know of a patch to try?


Lee A.

I am at the end of my “tricks” for now. It’s up to the devs now.