HP Quickplay

My computer has HP quick play with quick launch buttons (like a media center). I had defense+ on safe mode (i forgot) and so it went crazy with alerts. One of the alerts was that the program was trying to access System. Anybody know exactly what that is? The exact exe’s I remember were QLBCTRL.exe, QPService.exe, and QP.exe

The odd part was that I didn’t remember touching the buttons (but they are touch sensitive, they really aren’t like regular keyboard buttons). Another note was that I was deleting entries in the registry manually that CCleaner, Comodo System Cleaner, and the uninstaller missed.

Hi Pfipps,

System refers to some of your protected registry entries and or system directory (c:/windows). You can modify which directories & registry entries are protected in the D+ settings.

More than likely this is normal behaviour for QP