HP ProBook 4515s upgrade to windows 10 32 from Windows 7 32 (on AMD 64 Turion)


I have just updated Windows 7 to 10 and all went well but when the upgrade had finished - the wireless could not connect with “no internet access”.
I plugged in an RJ45 cable to the laptop and suspiciously got the same “no internet access”.
Checking the adapters they both reported they were working normally and there was no suggestion of a driver issue.
In the adapter properties for gigabit and wireless, I unchecked “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver” and then both adapters were suddenly able to connect to the Internet.
I post this in case someone else is having trouble with windows 10 update.
I intend to uninstall and then re-install Comodo CIS and hoping the issue does not return… I installed CIS on 15MAY16 so it is the latest version.

Yes you need to uninstall then install CIS again after a Windows upgrade so that the correct driver for the specific Windows version can be installed.

Yes thanks - I removed and then re-installed Comodo CIS and all is well!! :slight_smile: