HP LaserJet Director Software for HP Multifuction LaserJet Doesn't Work with CIS

I have a HP LaserJet 3330 Multifuction Printer, fax, scanner from around 2003. It uses HP LaserJet Director for functionality. This software monitors the device for printing, faxing, etc. Since installing CIS, the software does not function correctly. I have tried to add the various components to trusted applications but have found no way to add complete directories. Also, I have no ability to view what is currently in the sandbox as I would think the application can run outside of it. I have reinstalled the software and the only thing I can do to get it to print docs is to unplug and replug (power) the device so that it prints. I did not have this problem prior to CIS install.

Also, when installing the origianl software from a genuine CD (2003), Win32 trojans are reported which I assume are false positives so I had CIS ignore them once.

How can I view what is in my sandbox and how can I add complete directories or . to trusted applications?

Please help. I need my printer to work and I really like CIS.



Look in My Pending Files (Defense + → Common Tasks) and look up all HP related files, select them and then move them to My Own Trusted Safe Files.

I did as you recommended and added the drivers and other files associated in c:\Windows. I still have to powercycle the printer to print each page. Is CIS blocking the monitoring of the USB port or the DOT4 process?

Any ideas?



Did you reboot after moving the files to My Own Safe Files? I forgot to mention that but sometimes that is needed.

It is possible to add folders to My Own Safe Files.

When the problem persists after rebooting make sure all HP related files have the Trusted Application policy in Computer Security Policy.

When that doesn’t help can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks.