HP Laptops

I have attempted to install comodo internet security on two hp laptops and with each install the laptops have completed shut down. The first indicator is the pointer freezes and when the laptop is restarted I only get a black screen, a flashing light on the keyboard and nothing else. Nothing! Why does this continue to happen with hp laptops and how do I fix it?

Hi and welcome newine10,
I haven’t got a HP laptop so I am only stabbing in the dark.
Could the laptop be overheating during installation of CIS?
Could the laptops power saving functions be accidentally activating during installation of CIS?
The Computer Restarts Unexpectedly (Windows Vista)-HP Support
The Computer Restarts Unexpectedly (Windows 8 )-Hp Support

Other system information might help diagnose the issue.


I have 2 HP laptops, an older 2005 model running Win 8.1 32 bit and this 2011 model running Win 7 64. I have no problems with either one. There is no problem specific to HP machines.

As Captain said, maybe your power settings are kicking in during the installation. Try installing with the laptop plugged in and the sleep and hibernate options turned completely off.

it can be graphic card (black screen) and bios malfunction / damaged files system(flashing)
protection against incompatibility (shutdown) ; corrupted memory (freeze pointer)
… nothing about cis … check and clean your hp before reinstalling pls