HP Laptop Battery Charging

Its a new HP laptop with 7 64 Bits installed. Recently a prob has started.

Whenever the laptop is charged & when it shows fully charged 100% & then I turn off the power then it shows 83% charged. I had tried it charging for 30 more mins after it showed 100% but when the power is switched off then it shows 83%.

Any solution or any driver prob that I should look out for?


Damaged battery?

Perhaps the following site (and tool) might be of help…


do you have Sp1 installed? i had a similar problem with the battery power being incorrectly displayed before the Sp update

Yes I have SP1 installed & all the latest updates.

Can BIOS update be a prob? & Can BIOS update be reverted, like uninstall or rollback to previous version?

Though after installing Win 7 64, I updated BIOS & all the drivers, windows & other updates as this is the things to be done. And all the things went smooth with no error or probs. Just want to know if BIOS update can be the prob?


May be weird but true.

HP Battery Prob –

Was showing 100% charged but after unplugging 83% charged
At 23% charged system was always shutting down

Both the prob got solved. May be weird but true, the prob got solved after I uninstalled CIS Free Suite. Now from few days I am running Avast Free & Windows FW & regularly checking & the prob is not there.

Now battery properly shows 100% after unplugged.
& at 7% notification to charge popsup.


If you ever feel in the inclination to install CIS again see if adding the executable(s) that check the battery to the BO exclusions is helpful or not.