HP causing alot of problems HELP

ok so ive uninstalled all HP products the only 2 i had on my PC but here is a problem

im still getting these pop-ups , infact is so bad that there just wont stop even tho ive uninstalled all the HP programs there still running as if HP health check was on my PC

Pic of my problem

here is the problem ive never ever ever had hp health check on my PC just support assistance and smart menu however i have the folder for some unknown reason

i even went into services and its was just the 2 HP services NO health check service what so ever so im getting the vibe that my PC may be infected now but im not sure i put thee files on block list on comodo for a reason cause they were trying to access a protected registry something along the lines of microsoft\systemcertificates\My.

and the files if you cant see them clearly in the picture are


please help as these block file pop-ups keep rising 12 every minute im just wanting to get rid of these stupid useless programs ive tried to delete them manually even tho im the admin it still said i need admin permission :S WTH

Hi Rokeugon,
Some bundled HP software appears to be semi integrated and difficult to remove totally.
Check to see if any entries corresponding to HP Health Check are present in Windows Task Scheduler.
If any are found, try them disabled and if no unwanted effects happen after a while these entries could be removed.
Task Scheduler found under system tools or go to the start menu and type Task Scheduler in the search bar.