HOWTO: Working with more antivirus programs.

It came to my attention that i must uninstall other AVs from my system if i want to use Comodo AV. In case of leaving it next to other AVs the system may hang forever (it’ll be like next to a 99% CPU usage).

As this would take too much time i’ve started to think about a solution which wouldn’t require uninstallation: and yes, it’s possible to solve it by simply denying the other AV’s services.

Please, if you have other AVs and this solution works, write here the AV name.

Tested with McAfee, example picture attached for a little help.


  1. Start
  2. Run…
  3. services.msc (press ENTER or click OK)
  4. Search for your AV’s services (be sure to check it’s engine, company and real AV name, sometimes there are more names).
  5. Double-click the services and at the drop-down menu either choose Disable or Manual. Disable would be a 100% guarantee, while Manual-ed services might be started by other applications.


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