howto reenable request "spam"

I was using CIS 5 for a long time and grew quite fond of it but with changing my operating system it was time to update to CIS 6 dispite all the drastic set backs (honestly so far there is nothing in the interface or usability i would favour over 5). But now i am running into a problem with the firewall using tunngle and minecraft as an example i can host a game but people cannot join even though the ports are declared as to be ignored and tested for that when i deactivate the firewall people can join.
Within the firewall logs it notes down each time it blocks one of these connections but it never notifies me while it happens.
I can understand that sme people might have been annoyed by CIS asking for every connection coming in if that is allowed but i quite strongly favour that over silently blocking things.
So my question how do i get CIS 6 to notify and ask me before blocking something?

Run the Stealth Ports Wizard and choose the option “Alert incoming connections”. That will change Global Rules and you will be alerted for incoming traffic.