HOWTO make CTM auto sync COMODO Firewall's rules

I’m a user of COMODO Time Machine & COMODO Firewall(5.4.189068).
I setted the CTM to restore to a specify snapshot everyday. But I would like the COMODO Firewall’s rules keep from restoring.
How to? Thanks.

There is no way to “exclude” anything from CTM restoration, or, in other words, there isn’t a exclusion list.
Anyway, if there is a file or registry keys where CIS stores the date, you can save them in other non-protected drive and restore them. Sorry, I’m not an expert on CIS.

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… and I am not an expert in CTM, since I dropped it after some tests

At the same time most likely that would be very doubtful procedure - setting some exclusions in CTM or any restoration.
Can you imagine the similar request for the “Last Known Good Configuration” / “Restore Point” / or other 3rd party recovery Tool? It basically can ruin whole idea.

You are restoring because something went wrong and in many (most?) cases malware could be involved…

Firewall & Defense rules are saved in the Registry. As a matter of fact, user can by accident create wrong ones

The workable way as I see it is to Export rules as frequently as you want and then if you trust those Rules (confident that they are correct) you can Import them after subsequent restoration

Silly question, but anyway: are all previously installed Applications (for which the rules were created) still in place after restoring particular snapshot?

My 2c. What do you think?


[at-bypass] Tech;

If you mount a snapshot with read only mode disable; can you add files to be in that snapshot? just curious as i dont have CTM installed ATM…

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Is there an easier way to export & import CIS rules? e.g. a commandline batch.

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1st , forgot to post that above - welcome to the forum

Then, why would you think that the command line / batch / script /or alike can be “an easier way”?

That was just an honest question and you may have a point, so please don’t find any “negativistic flaivour” :wink:


Most probably not. But I’m not sure. Never even think you could “change” an snapshot.
I don’t have CTM installed at the moment either.
I can’t trust in a software that is not being actively developed. Well, at least, not a security/system one.