How's your Internet Speed?

Let’s check it out. :World Results’s site UI is little bit different from last year, and the result UI either.

Put some result pictures on here please.

Test with CIS on.

Test with CIS off.

My result with CIS on.

There is something wrong with test server. My uploading speed is just same as downloading speed actually.

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I won’t connect to the outside world with CIS off. Time of day affects the speed also, as I have seen my speed results as high as 18Mb/sec.

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Here is my super speedy speed test. 88)

Supposed to be DSL. >:(

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CIS on

Not bad we were on 2meg but someone offered us a better deal so i phoned my ISP and guess what?

They upped the speed to 10 and knocked some money off :-TU

Moral is “Threaten your ISP with leaving”—worked for me and others i`ve told ;D

@Creasy–>I thought upload was allways a lot less than download!!!–Nice speeds anyroad up :o (where`s the server next door?)

10/10 Mbits connection. Can’t say more than that I’m very satisfied with my ISP. :slight_smile:

But I have Glocalnet (2 Mbit/s), not Bredbandsbolaget. ???

Glocalnet and Bredbandsbolaget are both owned by Telenor, so that might be why. :wink:

Average :slight_smile:


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Didn’t work for us…apparently, our ISP’s technique is to have these “helpful” phone support dudes.

One very small, minor, problem: they forgot about hiring English speakers.

So yeah…how should I “threaten” my ISP if they don’t know what I’m saying?

Good ol’ help-desks.

Not the next door, my network connection is just stable.
My uploading and downloading speed are always same.
100mb/100mb Bandwidth, average 98mb/98mb.
CIS works great, it dosn’t make my internet speed down, whether CIS on or not.
I will have 1Gb/1Gb from next year.

Anyway, anybody from Australia here?(not me)
They have a strange policy for ISP payment.
They pay the money with a strange policy.
It depands on how many packet they use.
It’s a kind of cheating with packet policy. >:(
I don’t understand why the ISP is cheating them all. >:(

Why would the upload be so poor compared to the download ??? I read somewhere that you can normally expect ~1/4 upload compared to download…mines 1/20…not HP

Is it just in the hands of my ISP…the gits…maybe they need to loose there virginity ;D

That SUCKS…Big time!

Download speed is a bit disapoiting :-\ ( I have 12/3 abo )

Greetz, Red.

I mean my internet speed is fine, the average 98mb/98mb for real uploading.
Only shows me low upload speed.
I think the uploading test server has a DDOS protection with flow control.
That’s why if somebody sends large amount of buffers to test uploading speed,
they block the parts of buffers.
They should change or configure the server.

I think I have the lowest. >:(

Look at mine before you start crying. :stuck_out_tongue:

what do I need to say then 88)

yeah, I know, I’m not at home ;D


Well…you still didn’t beat me. :stuck_out_tongue:

How fast does DaRtH VaDeR surf over the net? find out yourself! …hmmmm… maybe I need to use the force more… ;D

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Hrruuppff. You “fuzzed” out the good parts. ;D

Where is Melih?

Melih~~~~show your move~.

;D ;D ;D