Howdy Folks

I’ve always had the habit of introducing myself to a new community, so here it is. Unfortunately, I may have gotten off to a bad start with a PM to one of the Mod Squad folks, but that was only done with the best intention.

My User ID might indicate that I am here in a research mode at this point in time. I had another anti-virus product from A_ and used them for about 7 or 8 years. Had used Norton for about 2 years before that. So this might be my third company, and I really hope my last time to have to do this research, etc.

Another unfortunate situation is I’ll be bringing along a fair group of folks when we all finally decide on a new company. I picked up that group bit-by-bit over the years and most in that group clearly understand why I am leaving A_ and agree that we should all change ships together.

I wrote that it is “unfortunate” because this puts me in a position of some responsibility and I hate responsibility. But that’s a recent affliction and my long sessions with the neighborhood feline haven’t been very helpful in getting around that problem.

Now that everyone understands that I am completely out of my mind, I’ll try and post this. Seems the SMF software here is showing that same bugginess I’ve seen elsewhere on the Net and the text box is jumping all over itself to make me angry.

Hi RefugeFromA_, welcome to the forums.

I guess that depends on what you said and to whom. :smiley: :wink:

Whilst I can’t claim that SMF isn’t buggy (it certainly has its moments), I’ve not seen any moving text boxes… let alone jumping ones. What browser are you using?

Thank you for the response, but I’m in a freaked mode right now. We’re shaking again. Just had one nasty earthquake a few minutes ago and I guess this will be aftershock number one. Darn worried about Fukushima Daiichi now.

No sweat that I am identifying my location. Anyway, you Mod Squad folks can see I’m out of Japan.

Man, we haven’t had a shake like that in over a year.

I’ll get back to the bugginess I noted after I’ve calmed down a bit.

I hate them earthquakes Mother Nature does. Sure wish she’d chill out!

EDIT: Might be a few hours before I get back to this. Gotta check some folks out and some communications aren’t working quite right. Nasty stuff. Maybe not so much damage, though. Looks like a max 5_minus on the Japanese scale. Maybe Fukushima Daiichi dodged the bullet. Don’t know about a tsunami, yet.

Welcome to the forum! Comodo is the best product by far… Having said that I never been so confused in my life… LOL! ;D :-TU

FYI - I’ve seen this on several occasions - notably when using TheWorld 2.X browser and Maxthon 2.x browser.

As you type, the text box you are typing in scrolls upwards until your text cursor is below the bottom of the text area. If you then scroll downwards so you can see the text cursor, as soon as you recommence typing, it scrolls upwards again. This behaviour isn’t consistent and I have never been able to determine a trigger or a cure.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome to the forums Refuge - fingers crossed everyone is OK over there.

Yes, panic has described the glitch quite well, and I have seen it on some other SMF platforms. As I’ve experienced it before I don’t have much worry, but for a new person it could be a liittle unsettling. Only happens with a long post. Also happens with the PM system.

About that PM I sent, it was answered and it isn’t such a big deal or a bad thing, but does show that I tend to be a bit of a nitpicker, and some folks don’t care for that.

Oh yes, panic, thank you for the concern, but it seems it was just a bit more frightful than many of the recent aftershocks and not as damaging as it felt it could have been. This one was a long, rumbling one and for those of us that were here for last year’s March 11th shake today’s brought back some painful memories. But it seems to have just been a reminder of Mother Nature’s meanness, sometimes.

Oh yes, the browser question, still using IE8 on this unit, but I’ve seen that SMF funniness even back when using IE7, and maybe earlier. It’s just one of those things and as panic wrote, it is hard to reproduce and find what triggers it. Well, except that your post has to be getting kind of long, like this one is getting and it just starting doing the ‘guess-what-you-typed’ trick right now. I’m sure they have info about it over on the SMF forum.

By the way, the captcha tool when doing a preview of a PM causes a problem if one doesn’t know it needs to be refilled before posting from the preview.

Okey-dokey, I’ll scoot out of here for a bit.

Thank you folks for the welcomes. Hope you feel the same in about ten years.

how can we help you? We have an amazing community here in the forum.

Thank you for asking, Melih, but at present my job is to study your documentation on the products, tutorials, whatever needs studying.

I will state, though, it’s refreshing to see the CEO taking an active interest in communicating to the community on this board. Definitely cool. Definitely a PR plus of the first order!

Again, thank you for asking.

we have with useful resources as well

and many more educational videos.

hope you enjoy it.

You may also like to read some articles I have written.

Please see How to Stay Safe While Online and
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Please let us know if you have any questions.


Hi there

I work with RefugeFromA_ elsewhere on the net. I tagged along to this site as I am personally interested to see what sort of user interface the product has.