How would you rate Comodo Personal Firewall? and what to improve? [CLOSED]

As we may know. there are a lot of firewall software around. Some of us have tried one or more firewalls prior to use CPF. some other is their first firewall.

For me I’m a satisfied 2 day user of CPF. My satisfactio is high and hope to continue that way.

It would be interesting to hear comments from the users and how us rate this software.

For me I gave it a 4, since there are some areas that could be improved like:

  • Simplify the procedure to access shares among computers in the Lan
  • the option to duplicate a Network Control Rule, useful when creating many similar rules
  • Improve the log feature. To let the user decide to log incoming traffic and not just from local machine to the outside

I think in comparison to other firewalls this is definateley a five, but in isolation their could be some improvements so I will give 4 / 5.
I think it would be good if it was password protected for one.


Well, I am now on my 10 firewall install. And I am glad to say that of all that I have tried, both FREE and PAID, I like CPF the best at this time.
I was a version 1.1 user and now a version 2 user.
Over all, I would rate the firewall at a 5, but, the technical support response only at a 3.
The software offers features that are normally only found in commerical products. Plus an easy to use interface.
There is still some issues with the software which need to be addressed. The help files need to be updated with a lot more information.
There should be patches or updates more often which could be downloaded by using the UPDATER Icon.
I like what I see and think this software is a keeper.

I like what I see and think this software is a keeper

I agree its definately a keeper.

I think Comodo are quite good with updates. They were very quick to respond when version 1 failed some of the leaktests. Version 2 now passes all tests with default settings :wink: Other firewall companies haven’t even said anything about the leaktests and have just turned a blind eye.


Hello, I gave comodo a 5 also.
We need to keep in mind that comodo pfw is still rather new and updates ect take time to develop.Also we don’t know how many people comodo has dedicated just to the firewall. I doubt they have have as many people as say symantec or zonelabs. :slight_smile:

We need to keep in mind that comodo pfw is still rather new and updates ect take time to develop.Also we don't know how many people comodo has dedicated just to the firewall. I doubt they have have as many people as say symantec or zonelabs. :)

I agree. :-[ And this, after all, is one of their FREE products. Sometimes it is hard to remember that a product this good is free. And as such we must be patient. And then there is the difference in time zones ;D when waiting for replys to questions.

Does anyone think a feature to anonymise the user i.e. block / change ip addres etc is a good idea or is this starting to bloat the firewall?

I gave 4. but if you can solve my problem about p2p soft(eMule,BitComet) I will gave 5.

Hi,all I just have wroted a threads to introduce a Leak test about CPF2,KAV6,pcAudit2 in a chinese forum to show how pcAudit2 bypass the firewall to access internet.
I think CPF is a perfect pfw if you can reduce its ram use to 20M, now in my computer its 30M, I advice you can change tray menu to open CPF directly, not use a sub menu.
I welcome you adding chinese language support to CPF GUI and rules.
I also think you need add a tools to backup/restore network and applications rules。

It is my problem thread
my problem solved thx egemen!

Goodluck to you.

Logging in CPF is being improved to provide more customization options.
However, I would like to demonstrate some of the current logging features that you may want to use:

  • You can activate logging feature for any of the network rules by selecting “Create an alert if this rule is fired” option. For example, for default network rules profile, activating this option for the Rule ID = 1 i.e. “BLOCK IP IN FROM IP ANY TO IP ANY WHERE IPPROTO IS ANY” will show you what CPF blocks.
  • You can right click on the Logs grid and customize types of events you prefer to be logged. e.g. From Application Monitor, Network Monitor etc.
  • In case of a severe inbound attack such as a TCP/UDP port scan, ICMP FLood, SYN Flood etc, CPF is going to create a high severity log with the details of the attack.

Upon facing such a severe attack as SYN/UDP/Ping Flood or TCP/UDP Port Scan, CPF is going to take the following actions:

  • If the attacker’s IP address is detected correctly i.e. IP address is not spoofed, which is usually a case for TCP/UDP port scans, CPF will stop the attacker’s all access rights to the host for a specified period of time which is defined at Security->Advanced->“Time to block a suspicious host” parameter(default 5 minutes), while still allowing your host to access the attacker’s host.
  • If the attacking IP address is spoofed or there are so many attackers, it will switch to a mode called “Emergency Mode” for a period of time which can be modified at Security-Advanced->“Time to stay in emergency mode”(default 2 minutes). In Emergency mode, CPF will block all inbound access requests i.e. full invisibility while allowing all outbound traffic.

In either case, the host will be secure against the attack.

Hope this helps.

Thanks egemen that is very useful. Just wondering do you know round about when we will this update for Comodo.




We have planned it to be available by the end of this month, not before 20th April.

Ok, thanks again egemen I look forward to the update.


CPF is Great!
CPF is Free!
CPF is out of any other firewall I have used (Quite a few) my Favorite!
CPF is EyeCandy!

It however, could use some more support for the active desktop variation of the Breakout leaktest (which can be found at Some indication that ‘Breakout’ is in the long run launching IE would be nice.

It would be nice if the Network Monitor came with some more features. To save myself some time in listing every feature that would make this firewall go from five stars out of five to ten stars out of 5 I am going to simply provide the following link (CPF would rate very well in this comparison as is, but it wouldn’t yet score 100%):

I believe if the developers of CPF spent some time looking over the above linked comparison chart, some improvement could be made. A default Network Monitor ruleset wouldln’t hurt, even though it’s obvious CPF focuses on the application layer for it’s security.

In the Application Monitor settings of CPF, grouping of application’s rules would be nice. Personally, I have three rules for firefox. If these were all under one collapsable column it would make browsing rules more easy.

Edit: The ability to simply ‘trust’ applications unlimited internet access through pop-ups.

MAC address filtering would be a usefull feature. The feature suggested above: “Export/Import of rules” would also be nice ;D

I understand that this product is freeware and I am extremely greatfull for such an awesome firewall, but my comments were asked for and greatfully given.

Please, Please, Please keep up the ******* awesome work Comodo!

Since I am one of your most appreciative users, I am going to bless you with some more suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Raw packet logging of attacks.
  • Raw packet logging per proccess (an example would be
  • Even though I personally like the default GUI Very much and I personally can afford the extra memory usage, the ability to keep default windows look would be very helpfull to some.
  • Opt. out for the Comodo Launch Pad (this would be usefull for people only using the launch pad for CPF and would also provide quicker access to the SysTray “Block All” mode).
  • HotKey support for the “Block All” mode.
  • If CPF is planned to be freeware forever, than a donation page would be nice for users wishing to show some appreciation.
  • Ability to resize any portion of the GUI, for example the program details under Connections.


I like some of your ideas they sound good.

Comodo is free and the best one for stopping the leaktests so I am grateful for this also.

Thanks Comodo,



Great feedback. Thanks.
Please keep it coming.


In addition an all writed, I like that when you add a new trusted application cpf show a directory / file browser, more a second button for browser for process running in memory for select and automaticly cpf cath the path of the process. Is more easy configuring cpf! ;D

Another small feature that would be neat is if the user could double click just about anywhere on the pop-ups and send them back to there default location (bottom right).

Edit: It would also be nice if in the Connections window, old connections were displayed for a user configured amount of time. Possibly slightly faded, or red?

I Just wanted to add something.

As I said earlier, CPF is a pretty good piece of software since in my opinion it makes a good system resource handling without bloating or eating many system resources, specially RAM.

Indeed when you start your computer CPF consumes between 20-30 MB but as you use your computer and I suppose that as you open more applications ergo requiring more RAM, CPF releases RAM and in my case I’ve seen it around 6 MB !!! wich is great.

Many of us, the users, can tell that the software industry is becoming less efficient and more resource eating. for example new software versions can take as double as RAM as their prior version does and also the same for CPU Cycles. Is a fact that the addition of new features = more resources but many software developers never optimize the software and with each new version it becames a monster that eats our valuable system resources.

Well, that’s not the case for Comodo Group, at least I can say that for the CPF it’s a good developed piece of software and I’m grateful for that :wink:

Keep the good work and as Ajohn said. An option to make donations sounds great.

I really hope to see CPF as the top of software web sites like


Yes, Comodo deserves to be much better known.