How would you rate COMODO Internet Security? and what to improve? [CLOSED]

Let’s see some ratings and some ideas. :slight_smile:


COMODO Firewall - 5 for protection, 3.5 for ease of use
COMODO Antivirus - 3 for protection (this is just for now)

Overall - 4

Overall I gave a 4.

What to improve:

  • The system response when scanning with the AV part. It sometimes slowes down the system response alot, and no it’s not in my specs (T9300, 4GB DDR2-800, 200GB 7200rpm HDD Windows Vista Business X86 SP1).



COMODO Firewall - 4,5
COMODO Antivirus - 3

Overall I gave a 4.

Antivirus still needs alot work and it needs heuristics engine (it will be added in early 09 btw).

It allready has it

The antivirus BADLY needs improving, that’s a no-brainer.

Granularity of HIPS rules badly need improving. For example, I can’t set files/regkeys to be globally blocked/allowed by all programs without throwing up a prompt window. I can’t tell D+ to prompt me when a specific process accesses a specific file. And so on and so forth. Other free HIPS like EQSecure offer an amazing level of control over rule granularity, D+ does not, which is annoying at times.

Display information about command line parameters in the prompt window when a process is executed.

Add the ability to create new rules and terminate offending processes right from the prompt window.

for me it’s a five, but i use the FW and Defense+
i got other AV : kav
and i’m not happy about his detection level
i send too many undetected files each week
my next AV will be F-secure
cause on virustotal, it’s always in the first engines that detect malwares that 30 fail, always.
on the 5 it’s always there, so why keep giing my money to kasper as the detection is poor.
if i’ll listen it, my systems would be full of virus.
but if it doesnt work with comodo, that’s a prob and i will not stop using defense+ for all the AV in the world.

on vista it works fine, but on xp with my settings set to high security, the system is lagging after login.
i think i’m going to boot in safe mode to put defense+ in training mode or the prob will never stop.
on xp, i got the screen but all is blocked, i know it’s cause of my defense+ settings, it will go fine after some safe mode to set defense+ to training to learn some process that makes the system blocking.

the UI didnt change at all… no artist in comodo team?
anyway, i’m happy to find my favorite security prog in a new version,
now we got to know for real what are the improvments in security and if some exploits that bypassed comodo 3.0 are now fixed. :slight_smile:

I rated it 4. I can’t rate it higher at this time and still be honest at the same time. CIS isn’t complete yet (sandboxing, ThreatCast etc. are still to come), and with CAVS having a pretty low detection rate (I know that detection rate isn’t all that matter), I believe it still hasn’t showed us what’s it’s capable of, but I’m sure that the developers will work hard to show us what a real security suite looks like!

we know we can’t count on AV for protection.
the detection is a joke, kaspersky argue on his site about his powerfull app but for real, can they tell how many files i sent them? even sometimes with replies : no there’s no malware in this file as 15 engines found the malware in virustotal and by miracle the file was detected several weeks maybe months after as a malware…
so AV companies…i doubt about their capacities.
and why dont they send me a free licence for my help ? who win the money ? me or them ?
and they dont even thank people that really help, pfffffff, it reminds me some team i helped before…
some firewall, sort of joke that i crashed in 5seconds by flooding it…
i hope their new version is better cause this time there will be no mercy, it’s over the time where i was cool and taken for a moron, now they’ll see test results and for help : forget.
me i forgave but forget, no no, i know who is who.
it’s time to show who is the leader in the FW world, and if we loose, we’ll congratulate the winner.
i’m ready sirs.

I’ll not vote until i test the AV. Now i have got no time, but i installed CIS because with my lap, never, never surf in the dark side and,pf course, never i open “strange files”. Is my WORK MACHINE. All my exams for my “kids” are here,hahaha.
On christmas i’ll do it. i’ll test it at home. Now i’m in another city until june.

From what I’ve seen/tested so far, I’m going to rate CIS:-

Firewall = 4
Antivirus = 3

For me CIS is almost perfect (I’ll rarely give 5/5) but the Antivirus is still young (will get better over time). Graphics and layout of GUI are nicely laid out but I feel for the novice, CIS (mainly firewall and Defense+) could be overwhelming and needs dumbing down a bit. I understand this is going to be addressed (from the posts I’ve read) but personally, I’ll rate CIS…



Rated it a 4.

Stable and snappy. Has a fairly light memory footprint. The system scanner is a bit slow, however.

The configuration is pretty hard to navigate, and some items seem to be ambiguous.

I wish it was portable. That way I could quickly give to friends who are frustrated with the overbearing Norton and McAfee products. Everyone hates those programs, so CIS should strive to be different.

Maybe improve AV scanner footprint. In multimedia files the speed is too slow!

Rate it a 4
Because of Defence+

I gave fiewall 5, AntiVir 5.

Because I like comodo so much!


4,5 for the firewall, 2,5 for the AV at the moment (slooooooow on my machine…), makes a 4 overall…it’s with a sympathy bonus :wink:

I gave it a 3.

Firewall, a 4+, but since thats not available I make it a 4. The firewall is nice, but lacks some functionality like not making it a real popup when an application is full screen and not popup up on that, but putting the message behind the full screen application (This should be on top off, or better : minimze the full screen application).
I also think the rules aren’t easy, the layout can be improved here.
There is no status window of the firewall. Why NOTHING about the FW at all on the FW window. I would like to see some statistics here also, not only on the Summary screen.

AntiVirus, a 3. This is because the protection ain’t great yet, and GUI wise, apart from the About screen no information at all about the current version number of the database. Also no real indicator when the last update was, only thing it says is when you clicked the update button and records that time. This should be the last time an update was installed, not the last time you checked for updates.
Another thing is that also on this one is no status window of the antivirus. Why NOTHING about the AV at all on the AntiVirus window. I would like to see some statistics here also, not only on the Summary screen.

GUI, a 3. The GUI isn’t great and crashes here when clicking on the applications name at popups. Also the layout seems to be rushed a bit. It doesn’t look that great if you compare it with other Internet Securities (Not Avira since that one looks even worse).
At ALL events window (Firewall Events, Defence+ Events) I cannot see the full “Application” path as a ‘tooltip’, only thing here is to stretch the bar to the max (Very annoying). Firewall rules are hard to find. Also here, I’m missing some statistics about the firewall, like traffic on the day, maybe per application.

And another small thing I would LOVE to have in this suite is a traffic limiter, not only speed but also MB wise, even though the last ain’t that important.

Defense+, a 3. Nice thing but too many popups. Also the settings are WAY too complicated. I’m definitely not a beginner at software, but when I first saw it, I was like HOLY COW, so many settings where I have no idea to what it does. There are also WAY too many settings for AV, training, paranoid, clean pc, etc. Why not just enable, disable, training or something. At monitor settings at Defence+ I have no idea what to enable or disable and whats important or not.

Total: 3

As for the rest, it’s a nice and decent IS, but I think it has a long, long way to go.
When the bugs I mentioned in this post are fixed, I can easily make it a 4, but with these very annoying bugs, a 3 is the max I can give for it.

(Windows Vista x64 SP1 ENG)

I’m not going to rate it yet as I will wait to see the final product.
Firewall and Defense+ are excellent, The AV is very well designed but lacks detection, And usabiity is about a 3/5

I rated it a 4, like a lot of people.

BTW, a mod should let us change our votes because we might like it better if new one comes out, or if we test it more.