How would you rate COMODO Internet Security 3.8? And what to improve?

I agree with beanie, nice to see CIS becoming very great product with less annoying pop-ups, many new things added to it, i like to say CIS antivirus is becoming as good as avast and avira, as it has hearuistic it became stronger, still giving FP but its fine.
Yes and CIS detects spywares too, it can be trusted also.
Thanks comodo 8)

The CIS real-time scanner scans everything the moments it hits the hard-disk, AFAIK providing protection against infected e-mails.

I voted a 4 rating. Still too many false positives. Heuristics needs further work.

I would also like to see a scan log implemented to indicate that a scan (scheduled or manual) has successfully run. The log should provide a high level summary of the results (number of files scanned, how many incidents were found and what action was taken).

Thanks COMODO Team and cheers everyone.

Hehe true, true :slight_smile: I can’t kill cmdagent.exe, but when I tried few versions ago I was able to do it (some time ago, can’t remember when or what version).

Nice suprise for me! I didn’t know that CAV also detects spyware. So for now I’m just waiting for boclean implementation and less FP’s :slight_smile:

Gave it a 4

There are a handful of features I would still like to see added (most of which are planned for 4.0), and I’m still unsure about how antivirus holds up compared to other more experienced products.

Too many FP for my taste, but it’s better than getting infected.

I vote >:( 1 >:(

Because of the Policy Issues that cause multiple issues, mostly in x64 platforms, but a lot in x86 (32 bit) platforms as well.

The largest issues are primarily in the Network protocols and policies, but many other issues in active account settings and policies.

3.8 was released way to soon. It should have stayed in beta mode till all the bugs reported were dealt with.

I would like to have reset/default buttons to restore the default settings for the configurations.

KomodoUser that is great idea :-TU Option to reset settings to default :slight_smile:

True, true :slight_smile: Sometimes I have to reinstall CIS and del it’s folder to get defaults.

Did you noticed, that when CIS updated from 3.5 to 3.8 there were no automatic information or popup with changelog or new features? When new component is added (like CAV long time ago), using auto update CIS installs automaticly with it’s old configuration, so when new component is avaible we don’t have it and we don’t even know about it, unless we check it on forum changelog or try to reinstall CIS. You feel me? :slight_smile:
New features avaible with new versions of CIS are unavaible when you auto-update it and you don’t have any clue that it’s even avaible :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very impressed with CAV 3.8. I had a lot of false positives with previous versions especially with portable software and now none. Last night I scanned my entire computer with CAV blazing speed and no portable software reported as false positives.

I have a malware (virii) collection of 500 bad guys that I scanned with CAV 3.8. CAV in 2 seconds caught over 425 of them, such a speed is probably equal to the speed of light ;D. The rest I’ll send to Comodo for analysis and addition to the malware database.

From this day forward I’ll put all the big boys such as Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, BitDefender, Avast etc on notice that there is a new product in town breathing down your necks and that product is CAV 3.8


I will remove the defense+ :slight_smile: i not use, unnecessary.

And the firewall many a time, forget my rules. Release the programs :frowning:

The antvirus uninstalled, elementary.

So, 3/5

I rated it a 4 overall. Here are my thoughts on what to improve:

I still get a ton of pop-ups from the firewall, D+, threatcast, etc… I tell it to remember my answers, but I still get the same prompts over and over. Also, some programs alone will trigger about 10 pop-ups. I usually end up disabling D+ and installing Threatfire, as I like the way that works more.

Also I do not yet have full faith in the AV engine. And it sounds like the heuristics are not yet fully baked.

Rated 4, but being generous here.

The AV false positives really bug me. I have sent a report of 16 false positives, sent the samples TWICE already and nothing has been done about it so far …

I’m sorry but the AV is unusable in 3.8 for me:

  • false positives galore with reports that go unanswered and no upadtes to the signatures
  • AV scan hangs that take my entire computer down, I have to hard reset it
  • slow disk defrag that hasn’t been solved since 3.5, even though reported by many users

3.5 was stable, too bad the AV database updates stopped.

I think I’ll have to reinstall 3.8 without the AV part and use either Avira or Avast until CIS gets its AV act together – any recommendation between the 2, known to be more compatible with the non-AV parts of CIS?

I gave it a 5 star rating. I had no problems with it except update error 101. But I let that slide because its still very new and very minor

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where did you report the false positives? Looking through the False Positive/Negative reporting forum I don’t see any posts started by you? I don’t think they will respond to email only reporting, yet I always get replies on the forum.

Have you tried disabling real time scanning while defragging? I use Disk Keeper which doesn’t experience any slowdown, but I would think disabling the real time element of the AV scan would be a temporary workaround for you.

Interestingly enough, I find 3.8 to be a huge improvement on my machine over 3.5. I couldn’t do any full scans with 3.5 because it would take a whopping 4 1/2 hours, which wasn’t acceptable. 3.8 brought the scan time in line with any other AV solution I’ve used.

I use both Avira and Avast as on demand scanners (No real time functions) and haven’t seen any incompatibility with CIS. I do disable the real time AV scanning feature of CIS when scanning with either of the other AV’s though.

My rating is 3/5.
The firewall is 4/5, forgets rules sometimes
defense+ is 4/5 does not remember when asked to remember at times.
AV is 2/5. Way too many false positives.

I rate CIS 3.8 a 5 simple because of its firewall and defence + which has worked perfectly for me. However, from what I gather of the AV, I would say it requires more work before I replace it with Avira Antivir PE.

Hi guys

I voted a 4 there is always room for improvement

The only issue i have noticed is the false detection issues with Huer infection found in certain installer packers other than that Comodo has been doing an excellent job i can’t believe this is free!

Anyway i have been doing my own tracking and testing of Comodo IS the link below will take you to my forum but I posted the same info below:

Comodo Internet Security 3.8.65951.477

Malware Sample Test Results With Signature Database 1049

These tests are for on demand scanning…

Rootkit Detection: 3 of 5 samples found
Backdoor Detection: 24 of 24 samples found
Exploit Detection: 29 of 30 samples found
Flooder Detection: 29 of 30 samples found
IM Worm Detection: 29 of 29 samples found
IRC Worm Detection: 22 of 28 samples found
Nuker Detection: 29 of 29 samples found
P2P Worm Detection: 29 of 33 samples found
Packer Detection: 16 of 16 samples found
Trojan Clicker Detection: 29 of 30 samples found
Qhost Detection: 5 of 5 samples found
Macro Detection: 2 of 2 samples found
Spoofer Detection 5 of 5 samples found
Spam Tool Detection: 18 of 19 samples found
Trojan Downloader Detection: 58 of 62 samples found
Trojan Dropper Detection: 44 of 44 samples found
Trojan IM Detection: 26 of 26 samples found
Virus Detection: 79 of 79 samples found
Worm Detection: 41 of 43 samples found

518 of 539 samples were found yielding a 96.1% detection rate ;D

The rating I give is a 5, I have been using firewall for about a year and just started av after usiing avast for years, the AV update fine sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, scanning is good, no false positives yet and most of all I haven’t been infected even visiting warez or porn sites. Thanks for the great product